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Geese are never out of Season


Goose Control for Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, and Maryland

When you think of geese, you probably envision their elongated necks, their impressive wingspan, and their elegant V formation as they soar through the sky above. Geese are such a majestic part of our natural surrounding that it can be quite easy to forget that these waterfowl are actually quite a nuisance.

We’ve all heard stories of geese presenting a range of problems, from attacking humans to bringing down sophisticated jetliners. Somewhere in between these two extremes lies the everyday reality of the goose nuisance: colonies of geese in your back yard, your favorite park, or the best golf course in town.

Why does this happen? Quite simply, any time there is a large body of water, it attracts geese in droves. The surrounding grassy areas suddenly become the birds’ breeding ground and grazing area. Considering that one bird can deposits half a pound of fecal matter into the environment each day, a gaggle of geese often equates to an unspeakable mess.

If it weren’t bad enough that goose droppings leave an area unsightly and impassable, they also lead to erosion and environmental problems that can permanently damage property. For a business invaded by geese, the result is a loss of usable area. Unfortunately, this is not a seasonal issue. When geese come to nest, they tend to stay. And they multiply quickly.

From the inconvenient to the downright dangerous, there are numerous recommendations for those who wish to remove geese from their property. Some suggestions include building effigies of animals that prey on geese, installing speakers that emit the distress calls of other birds, removing eggs from geese nests (yikes! Remember that these birds attack!), and obtaining a permit to spray liquid pesticides in the area.

Do you really want to endure such a hassle? Why not call a professional to deal with your goose problem once and for all? ARM has a team of experts ready to tackle your goose nuisance for good.

ARM offers a monthly plan tailored to your precise goose control needs, without invasive or dangerous tactics.

The ARM Goose Control Plan is an eco-friendly spray regimen that safely and effectively deters geese without damaging your property or the surrounding area. Geese are never harmed in the ARM process: the spray is offensive enough to geese that it naturally encourages them to find a new breeding ground, yet mild enough that it won’t harm plants and other wildlife.

The ARM Goose Control Plan will have you enjoying geese again, in the way they should be appreciated: from a distance. With the ARM Goose Control Plan on your property, the only place you’ll see geese is in the sky above.

To get rid of your goose problem and reclaim your property, call 800.761.1715 and speak to an ARM Goose Control Specialist today.

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