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Lake Fountain

Many of us have gazed upon an impressive jet of water, shooting up into the air, from the middle of an otherwise placid lake. Around the world there are many records held for the tallest, widest and greatest lake fountains the human eye can experience. It is no secret that moving water draws a crowd of admirers, and a fountain display can be very aesthetically pleasing. But that’s not the only purpose of a Lake Fountain. In fact, their very existence maintains the complex and alien ecosystem of every pond and lake across the globe.

You may be familiar with the term ‘Aeration’, or ‘Aerification’- which basically means the process by which air mixes with a liquid. A collection of still, calm water might look like the sort of area that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or monitoring in order to serve its purpose, but underneath the surface the reactions and changes that are occurring can be extremely damaging.

Lake aeration involves maintaining a healthy level of oxygen saturation in the water. This helps to keep control of the level of algae and e-coli bacteria in the lake at a manageable level. Without it, levels of noxious gases such as Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide would be released in a rather large way, leading to pond-life death and a general nasty smell and atmosphere to be around. By maintaining appropriate oxygen levels, any fish or waterfowl in the area will be able to thrive, without fear of disease or even suffocation.

The way that lake fountains counteract these harmful threats is by providing an adequate level of surface agitation. Most traditional fountains run via a motor propeller and pull the water from the surface and surrounding area. This is then propelled into the air for two purposes; to be admired and revered by anyone who might be standing nearby, and to split the water into droplets that are big enough to collect fresh oxygen and return to the water with it, thus aerating the surface level water. Of course, sometimes surface level aeration isn’t enough, and there are now fountains available that pull water from even further below the surface in order to circulate oxygen to larger areas.

Maintaining the perfect aquatic ecosystem is vital for many different reasons. Environmentally, plant and animal life need certain conditions in order to thrive, and where these thrive, more shall be tempted to come along. This, in turn, benefits the community, or your family and friends, if you have a residential fountain, as a healthy, aesthetically pleasing place attracts more visitors. Western life is often considered to be more stressful and technology-orientated than ever before, so the value of a natural place of beauty to sit and admire is greater than it ever has been. This can be achieved easily and look impressive to all who are lucky enough to witness a lake fountain and the functional process of aeration at work.

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